Energy Raisers

PAREI’s Community Solar Energy Raisers are modeled after a “barn-raising” following the tradition of neighbor helping neighbor. The goals of the Energy Raisers are: to bring down the cost of installing renewable energy systems, to educate the homeowners hands on about how their system works, to develop a support network of knowledgeable families; to provide local tradespeople an avenue to learn about installing renewable energy systems, to have fun and to build community connections while we all strive to conserve energy and prepare for life in a lower energy world. Energy Raiser hosts have volunteered at previous installations and will pay the favor forward at future Raisers. Many regions in NH are developing Energy Raiser teams. To inquire and/or to volunteer at our next Energy Raiser Click Here (e-mail

Energy Assessment Visits

An Introductory level, home or business walk through to identify energy saving opportunities. As a member you can schedule a free Energy Assessment at your home, business or building site with a PAREI staff or volunteer to formulate an energy plan. This plan will help you identify steps toward energy reduction and efficiency. You will be given suggestions that will help you further your energy conservation goals. 
(Travel Restrictions Apply – aprox. 15 mi from Plymouth)  Out of Area Visits Available for a Fee

Solar Site Visit  

The first step to installing solar water heating or solar electric; this visit will generate a solar shading analysis report. This report is used to determine the viability of solar and qualification for incentives. As a member you can schedule a free Solar Site Visit. The purpose of the visit is to discuss the viability and/or most logical renewable energy system for your site. This visit is recommended as the first step for people contemplating installing a renewable energy system such as solar electric or a solar water heating system. (Travel Restrictions Apply – approx 15 mi from Plymouth)  Out of Area Site Visits are Available for a Fee.

Membership Updates

Periodically PAREI members and friends will receive an Update via e-mail listing Upcoming PAREI events, Regional Events, Energy Planning Ideas, Resources and Solutions, NHSEA News, Community Partner News and Sharings from Members. This update is designed to help our community stay current on all things energy and hopes to inspire all those that read it to continue to take action on their energy reduction and renewable energy production goals. To sign up to receive the Update by e-mail: Click Here (e-mail

Energy Exchanges

A gathering of members will be scheduled regularly for inspiration, networking and resource sharing. These will be announced in the Membership Updates sent to members by e-mail and posted on news page and on-line calendar of this site.

Networking and information sharing opportunities

Information Sessions for homeowners and tradespeople on such things as solar water heating, solar photovoltaic systems, wood boilers etc. will be offered regularly by PAREI. Free educational sessions will be provided on such things as Energy Basics, Netmetering and Energy Efficiency Products during break-out sessions at PAREI Energy Exchange Membership Meetings. Local tours of existing installations (solar, geothermal and more) can be scheduled at anytime.

Solar Tours

PAREI offers organizations and school groups (all levels) tours of solar installations throughout the Plymouth area highlighting different examples of equipment used.

Energy Advisors

PAREI volunteers, willing to share their experience/research, make themselves available to others seeking energy related information and sustainable living ideas. Members open their homes to help neighbors learn first hand about how to insulate a basement, an outside woodboiler, green building products, a homemade solar air circulator, greenhouse, chicken coup, composting toilet or a solar water heater. PAREI will connect you with a fellow member so you can learn first hand from others. Tell us what you want to see and learn about and we'll find the right person to meet with you at their home. Click Here to Send us an E-mail (E-mail We'll be back in touch soon with some options!


Professional Solar Installation

For those who want to install solar and are not interested in the volunteer Energy Raiser process, PAREI has a professional crew of solar installers, certified plumbers and electricians that will install Solar Water Heating (Thermal), Solar Pool Heating and Solar Electric (Photovoltaic) systems.  The first step is to become a member and check off that you would like a Solar Site Visit. From there we will work closely with you on creating an estimate for the project, submitting rebate approval applications and seeing the installation through from start to finish.

Professional Energy Audits

Through a grant from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) PAREI was able to send a number of our staff through BPI Building Analysts training. Today PAREI has the tools and the knowledge to assess your building and coordinate improvements to be made.  The first step is to become a member and check off Energy Assessment Session.   If you are beyond that point and want a professional energy audit immediately, e-mail PAREI (robbin e-mail) to set up an Energy Audit for your home or small business.

Community Partnerships

Many communities have expressed interest in duplicating the PAREI model. People from towns as far away as Washington State have looked to PAREI to guide them in forming their own community network.  To help in this effort PAREI developed a digital tool kit consisting of a CD-ROM and DVD that give communities the tools to organize into a PAREI like group. Click here to find out how to become a PAREI Community Partner