In response to a concern about an increasingly energy constrained world, the Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative (PAREI) was formed in 2004. Its mission is to encourage energy conservation and energy efficiency practices and to promote the use of renewable energy in the Plymouth, NH region. This is done through education, community building, increasing accessibility to professional energy-related services and by developing and sharing our model with other communities.  The Initiative takes a pragmatic approach by encouraging people to prepare for their energy future as they would their financial future. Our Motto is: “Get Energized! Plan for Your Energy Future”

PAREI’s membership is based in the communities from Sanbornton north to Thornton and Wentworth east to the Meredith and the Sandwich region. Since, November of 2003, we have moved from informal meetings to an organization of over 400 families and businesses.

For our members we offer discounts on Apricus Solar Collectors, Professional Home Energy Audits, Energy Saving House Walk Throughs, Solar Site Visits and Solar Analysis Reports, Volunteer Solar Energy Raisers and Housewarmings, membership meetings known as Energy Exchanges, an Energy Advisor Network partnering members with volunteers, Professional solar water, solar electric and solar pool heating installations as well as Do It Yourself support for installing Solar. 

We also offer educational presentations and solar tours for community and school groups. To advance our model throughout the country, we offer a PAREI Tool Kit and Community Partner membership. We also administer a Local Foods Buying Website known as Local Foods Plymouth. PAREI is made up of hundreds of families that are dedicated to preparing for ….. and therefore easing the transition to …… a lower energy world.

PAREI started with a handful of concerned citizens after the realization that very little planning was being done to prepare our country and local communities for a time when energy would be higher priced and harder to get. Less than 10 determined volunteers began meeting in 2003 and created a plan for addressing this crucial issue. PAREI officially became a non-profit organization in February of 2004 and opened their first office in November, 2004.  

Today, PAREI is staffed by several core volunteer positions and three part-time and one full-time position. We are governed by a Board of seven dedicated and creative individuals. We have over 400 family and business members in over 50 towns as well as Community Partners from Maine to Washington State. We work with local plumbers, electricians, solar installers, solar suppliers and contractors to bring our members an increased access to renewable energy and home weatherization services. Thousands of hours have been spent working together to make a more sustainable and secure community for us all.

Since 2005, we have conducted hundreds of site visits to assist our members with developing home energy saving plans. We have played a major role in installing over 250 solar energy installations as well as assisting members with home weatherization projects and new home construction planning. We have supported the sale of tons of local food helping to reduce the energy that goes into the foods we eat.  But above all of that, the true success of PAREI has been the connections, ideas, excitement and good will that has been created amongst us all as we work toward the goal of a more simple, sustainable and low energy lifestyle. PAREI is about the people that take part in the events, create the ideas and excitement and keep the mission alive. Every community in every state has the same, if not more resources at their disposal to do what PAREI has done. We believe that the coming of Peak Oil doesn’t have to hurt us in fact it can make our lives more healthy! But we have to become active and get organized and not deny that changes are upon us.

Let PAREI help you prepare for your energy future so you can in turn inspire others to do the same.  Start by becoming a member and requesting a site visit or by attending our next membership Energy Exchange.